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Greenland paddle

I used to get the question “how can you even move with that stick?“. Besides the long elaborated talk about fluid mechanics and pros and cons about this paddle in comparison with euro blade, I would have say give it a go. It is a blade of versatility, compact, light and the awesomeness will trigger curiosity and a good discussion topic throughout the journey or session. How come the simple stick which is so old is sophisticated and looks very technical to use? it is proven throughout history and he best lasted.

surfing at desaru with greenland paddle
greenland paddle surfing session

Why would you use the Greenland paddle? My story of why I use the Greenland paddle is because my nature of work. We bring school kids for sea kayaking. Not in a rush. Really relaxing paddle and coaching. Greenland paddle versatility give me the freedom to explore various tips and tricks of using one. The implementation of certain style of teaching which can be different from euro paddle itself. It is easy for the shoulder to cope as Greenland paddle surface area are relatively small compared to euro blade. It is not only use

for propulsion. It's a tool that need skill and time to get used to. Yet when you get it, it will give you the utmost versatility from paddling during high wind, maneuverability in the mangroves or rocks, capsize recoveries and brace support and a lot more other essential skill that is not mention here. The most important one is paddling becomes fun.

Greenland paddle will dig out and enhance your existing skill using euro blade by emphasize your body movement and maximizing muscle use. All those micro adjustment of your body will be obvious an reflected to your paddling experience. some paddlers want to know all the technical stuff like the blade angle upon entering the water. Chopping or slicing and various more. For me, when you use the greenland paddle, just feel whats comfortable. Feel it!.

custom made paddle
sexy looking wood

I’ve been introduced to Greenland paddle by a good friend of mine from Canada. We paddle together in Sibu island and his greenland paddle which is carbon fiber intrigue my curiosity to try to handcraft my own wooden Greenland paddle using local wood. I’ve done it from the chopped tree in the jungle, rough cut using parang and completed the paddle with bare minimum tools.

Fast forward now, I’ve made over 20 pcs of various paddle and all handcrafted to uniqueness. Join us for kayak kaki outing and i'll let you experience using one. And if you are interested to own one custom made, ask me!

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