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Pay It Forward ♀ Project

From our experience in the Malaysian outdoor industry, there's a belief that some jobs in the field are dominated by male instructors : like being a raft guide, being in charge of safety on a trip or as simple as, starting a campfire. A job that usually requires 'hard skills'.

This results in us seeing female outdoor educators/instructors being pushed to do jobs that use more 'soft skills', such as running debriefs and games during a programme. And because there’s a belief that only men can do certain roles, we also have seen women feel intimidated to step up and take on a role they usually would not do.

This is Kayak Kaki's latest project, to start a "Pay It Forward  Project", where we'll use our 90 combined years of experience to help train women (for free) to feel more confident in their work thus increase job opportunities for women in the outdoor industry. How this works is we've started by training a pool of current outdoor educators in July 2023. We are hoping in the months to come, they in turn would volunteer to train a new batch of female outdoor educators, and this new batch in turn would continue on paying it forward! And hopefully by the end of 2024, Malaysia would have many skilled female outdoor educators/instructor's taught by women!

Skills that Kayak Kaki would focus on:

#Teaching Skills   #Camp Craft   #Kayak Skills   #River Skills   #Rope Skills   #Swimming Skills   #Lifesaving Skills   #Debrief Skills
   #Stargazing   #River Ecology   #Rockpooling   #Mangrove Session   #Camping Skills   #Facilitating Games   #Nature Walk   #Map & Navigation Skills   #Sea Charts & Navigation skills

The project so far:

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Kayak Kaki will be commencing the training in July 2024. If you would like to take part in the upcoming training, and be a part of the PayItForwardProject, and make a difference to the Outdoor Industry in Malaysia, fill up the Google form below and we'll update you on the dates!

*Please note that this is not a session for you to 'try-out' if you like Outdoor Education. This training are for those who are ALREADY in the field of Outdoor Education / Recreation / Instructor / Guides / Facilitators. If you prefer a taster session to outdoor, join us in our Kayak Kaki Play session (Contact us via the "Contact us" page).

**Everyone needs to fill in a form to join. We will then contact you with details and expectation of the session. (We have been receiving last minute walk-in entries, whom were not prepared for the session)

We’d love to see you at our next training event!

Event Timing: Somewhere in July 2024 onwards.

Location: Unknown yet. Fill up the form and we'll get back to you in October!

What skill (s) are you interested in?
Will you Pay It Forward ♀ ?

Thanks for registering. See you soon!

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