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A Malaysian Paddler's Initiated Project


Whether its the Sea, Surf, Lake or Whitewater that you love to get into, look us up!


Typically paddle in Sg. Kampar & Sg. Sungkai. But every once in a while, we enjoy the thrill of paddling new rivers too!


Everywhere! ...Lake, pond, river, estuary, even swimming pools, we are game to practice paddle skills!


We are all Outdoor Educators, so most programs we work on are on the sea with sea kayaks. Perfect for expeditions!


When work is down South of Malaysia, on our free time, Desaru is a MUST for some intense Surf Kayaking!

What is Kayak Kaki all about?

We're a bunch of friends, who love paddling, and want to share the skill and knowledge that we gained throughout the years, to anyone and everyone who is interested in learning for FREE. We can also point you to the right direction on local kayaking resources (online stores, 2nd hand boats, paddle books, paddle school, paddle courses, etc.)

How do i learn to paddle for FREE?

Firstly if you have a Facebook account, LIKE us on the page, as that seems to be the easiest way of announcing to the public on clinic dates. Signup on the website Form on the date that you want. Meet us at the venue with your kit, and lets paddle!

Why are the clinics FREE?

That's how we started paddling too. We didn't go to a fancy paddle school, we just met up at a river or beach, and learned from each other (sometimes the hardway!). And we know and understand how frustrating it can be, if there is no one to guide you. We learned that just by having someone there (even as simple as giving feedback), can make a positive difference in the learning! So after much thought and discussion, we would like to give back to the community by making learning to paddle, a little more accessible to everyone.

Kayak Kaki's Objective

Most of Malaysia is surrounded by the sea, and our inland rivers are blessed by year-round rain fall, which means paddling 365 days in Malaysia is definitely possible! But unfortunately, there are very few outfitters, paddle schools and paddle clubs that offer skill courses to the public. We are hoping to change that by developing an awareness of the sport, which will create a community of paddlers, that will eventually return the favour by helping others get better in the sport.

*Kayak Kaki does not discriminate. All we want are caring Malaysians!


Great and fun experience. Our group learned the basics of kayak moves followed by some short expeditions to understand and practice the whole kayak experience. I will for sure repeat if I have the opportunity!

—  Eva Horcajo Berná, Kg. Juara, Tioman


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(We don't write often, but when we do, its the good stuff!)

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Contact Us

Contact Us

If you would like to invite us to your school, college, university or club to run paddle clinics, or simply want to say hello, fill in the short form below:

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